Ikinari Steak Grand Opening Date Set!

Feb. 21th, 2017

We're pleased to announce the Grand Opening of Ikinari Steak East Village: Thursday, Feb 23rd, 11am.
We look foward your visit!

Ikinari Steak Coming to East Village soon!

Feb. 14th, 2017

Ikinari Steak, the Japan based standing steak restaurant will open its first New York City and US location at 90 East 10 Street (Third - Fourth Aves.)
Owned by chef and restaurateur Kunio Ichinose, Ikinari Steak opened in Tokyo in December, 2013, and now has over 100 locations throughout Japan, including over 60 locations in Tokyo City.
The idea behind Ikinari Steak is to serve “super thick” high-quality meats quickly and economically, therefore people stand while consuming their steaks. It’s a fun, interactive, communal, and brand new experience for New Yorkers!